Miss Mapp

Miss Mapp First published in 1922 the more correct title of this book is “Miss Mapp including The Male Impersonator” as it consists of the main novel “Miss Mapp” and a short story entitled “The Male Impersonator”.

The main novel is the first book to introduce us to Tilling, where the bulk of the Mapp and Lucia novels are set.

Over the years it has been published in many editions but it is currently still in print in a number of editions including in paperback published by Moyer Bell Ltd and hardback by Wildside Press and also as part of a three volume paperback titled The Complete Mapp & Lucia Volume One: Queen Lucia, Miss Mapp, Lucia in London which also includes Queen Lucia and Lucia in London.

It is also available for free download both in text format1) and read (by volunteers) as a spoken book.

We have our own annotated version of it online, with the spoken book alongside it, so you can listen to the book while reading the text and our annotations.

Kindle users can download it here.
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