Tilling is the setting of all of EF Benson's Mapp and Lucia novels except Queen Lucia and Lucia in London. It is based on the south coast cinque port of Rye and all the houses and location featured in the books still exist, with the exception of the Garden Room which was destroyed by a bomb in World War II.

In Desirable Residences, the Benson short story, it's referred to as “Tillingham” but is clearly the same place.

The Martello Bookshop in Rye have made published a leaflet mapping of places in Tilling with real places in Rye on which our table below is based (links take you to Google Streetview or Flickr where you can look at the actual locations):

Tilling Rye
Mallards Lamb House
Captain Puffin Little Sussex House1)
Major Flint Opposite Little Sussex House
Poppits The Old Customs House
Padre The Old Vicarage
Grebe Playden Cottage, Military Road
High Street High Street
Diva (Wasters, later Ye Olde Tea House) The Mariners
The King's Arms The George
Twistevant's (Greengrocer) No 97
Tremlows (Grocer) No 99
Worthingtons (Butcher) No 100
Stationers Barclays Bank
Mr Rice (Poulterer) No 21
Post Office No 19 and No 18
West Street West Street
Irene (Taormina) No 2
Hopkins' (Fishmonger) Santa Maria
Fruiterer The Other House
Porpoise Street Mermaid Street
Dentist First house on the left
Wyses Harsthorn House
Malleson Street Market Road
Dr Dobbie
Woolgar & Pipstow
Curfew Street Watchbell Street
Trader's Arms Hope Anchor
Suntrap Watchbell Corner
Norman Tower Ypres Tower
We suspect the name may have changed but we can't read the plate on the Google Streetview image
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