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 ====== The Reverend Kenneth Bartlett ====== ====== The Reverend Kenneth Bartlett ======
 +The Reverend Kenneth Bartlett aka "​Padre"​ is the vicar of [[Tilling]] and Benson introduces him to us thus:
 +<​blockquote>​Mr. Bartlett was humorously archaic in speech. He interlarded archaisms with Highland expressions,​ and his face was knobby, like a chest of drawers.
 +“Ha, good morrow, fair dame,” he said. “And prithee, art not thou even as ye white butterflies?​”
 +“Oh, Mr. Bartlett,​” said the fair dame with a provocative glance. “Naughty! Comparing me to a delicious butterfly!”
 +“Nay, prithee, why naughty?” said he. “Yea, indeed, it's a day to make ye little fowles rejoice! Ha! I perceive you are on the errands of the guid wife Martha.” And he pointed to the basket.</​blockquote> ​
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